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Please read below for some common questions that are asked about our services:

How to prepare biopsy material for sending?

Biopsy sample should be fixed in buffered 10% formalin. The container should be labeled with patient’s name and surname and hold at room temperature before sending for testing.


Should any Test Request Form be filled?


Yes, Pathology test request form should be filled, printed, signed and sent together with the specimen.


How much Pathology testing will cost? 


Pathology testing pricelist is here:
The total price of the testing depends on the case and the additional histochemical, imunohistochemical or molecular methods needed. Special stains are used to verify cancer diagnosis, to differentiate type of tumor, to determine its specific type, or for disease prognostic/predictive purposes.
How much and what methods would be needed can be specified only after pathologist reviews the material.


How to organize the delivery of biopsy to your laboratory?

Pathology specimen and the Pathology test request form must be sent to:
National Center of Pathology,
Affiliate of Vilnius University Santaros Klinikos
P. Baublio str. 5, LT-08406 Vilnius, Lithuania

When the specimens are accepted at the laboratory?

The working hours are:
Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM, Saturday 9 AM to 1 PM.
Please call +370 2477351 if you have any questions.


Who and how will receive the test results?

The test results will be reported to the person/institution requesting the test. 

We are planning to take the biopsy on Friday, can we send it on Monday, if yes, how we should keep the material?

Specimens fixed in buffered 10% formalin can be stored in room temperature up to several days before sending for testing. However, optimal fixation time in formalin is 24-48 hours.

I am patient and I want to get second opinion on my biopsy material at your laboratory.  Is it possible?

Yes, all the information you can find here:

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