Neuropathology, Eye and Muscle Pathology

The Center provides pathology testing for patients with central nervous system (CNS), ocular and muscle disorders. In addition to evaluation of conventional histology for CNS, specialized immunohistochemical (including IDH1, ATRX markers) and molecular methods (TERT, IDH1/2, karyotyping including 1p/19q codeletion) are used. For screening of various skeletal muscle diseases are used histochemical methods (eg.: acid phosphatase for lyzosomal storage diseases, COX/SDH - mitochondrial diseases, ATP - myocyte typing, ORO - lipid storage diseases, PASD- glycogen storage), immunohistochemical stains (eg.: HLAabc for inflammatory myopathies, p62 - inclusion body miositis, alpha-Sarcoglycan - screening of various congenital myopathies).
CNS, Eye and Muscle pathology is supervised by pathologist Donatas Petroska

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