Patient-centric digital pathology services

Streamline workflow and specialist communications focused on patient data within digital pathology ecosystem to increase effectiveness of patient-centric healthcare process management. Tissue pathology testing is often a crucial step in disease diagnosis and involves many subspecialties in medicine, online and focused communication within pathology laboratory and with the multidisciplinary clinical team is important.
The “manoVPC – myNPC” system is based on integration of the pathology information system with multiple healthcare institutions and providing physicians, involved in a patient’s care, individual access to the real-time pathology workflow data online. Both pathologists and clinicians have the individual working lists which are virtually merged to access only relevant data. In this common working space, all specialists logged into the system, can have convenient online communication, access preliminary diagnosis and specialized laboratory test being performed, retrieve final pathology results, and view virtual pathology slides. The system also serves as an individualized physician’s searchable pathology database, which also allows adding new questions and requests. Business analytics and artificial intelligence applications run in the background to ensure lean management of the digital workflow.
Information for new system “manoVPC – myNPC” users.
New system users have to complete this request (can be completed by individual physicians or by the department as a whole). Once your account has been authorized, the specialists listed in the request will receive an email invitation to log in and create a personal password. The system is also convenient to use on a mobile phone.